Scientists and hairy men agree—body hair is hot! Fortunately, guys everywhere can be their hairiest self and still stay cool with Hanes X-Temp. Our task was to create myriad social content in the same wheelhouse of last year’s "Hot n’ Hairy" campaign, but also able to drive sales and help Hanes rake in that sweet, sweat-wicking underwear $$$.

THE Hairy godfather : SOCIAL CONTENT

The advanced sweat wicking technology of Hanes X-Temp is truly magical. So we gave that cool magic a face... the manly, easy-on-the-eyes, bearded-visage of the Hairy Godfather. The Hairy Godfather grants the wishes of hot and hairy men everywhere by bringing them cooling technology of Hanes X-Temp, as well as news of discounts at Hanes.com, free shipping, and more. Whether you’re hairy or hairless, your cool wish is the Hairy Godfather’s command. 


Body hair makes hairy situations even hotter! But it doesn’t matter whether it’s Mother Nature or your mother-in-law that’s bringing the heat, because Hanes X-Temp is the best way to weather the sweat storm—no matter your level of body hair.